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"Function and precision that you can feel in your hand."

Ask any craftsman you like. They'll tell you – "If you want the real deal, it has to be Hultafors."
You can rest assured that by choosing a Hultafors tool, you are getting a tool that delivers the best possible function, reliability and precision. Tools that can take all the hard knocks, are durable and, more to the point, feel right in your hand.
The reason for this is quite simple. We develop all our products in conjunction with professionals. We understand their work situation and listen to their needs. They are involved in testing the products until everyone is happy with the results. For us, this is the only way of being sure that our tools actually work and make your job easier.
The knowledge we have of your workday and that of other craftsmen is undeniably unique. As is our extensive experience. It all began in 1883, when Karl-Hilmer Johansson Kollén designed what is now the world-renowned folding rule. Since then, we have spent 130 years developing and manufacturing tools for tradesmen. Tools that you can rely on in all situations, every day.
Håkan Carlsson
Product Manager, Hultafors

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