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Dancing Sasquatch Tech

Administrator / Medic - 1st Aid Kit

  • This comprehensive 1st Aid Kit grants you peace of mind that you can address everything from minor cuts and scrapes, to life-threatening bleeding.

    • Ideal as the main 1st Aid Kit in office buildings, machine shops, management offices, gyms, schools, retail stores, bars and restaurants, outdoor camps and convention centers, etc
    • Can treat a variety of injuries, from life-threatening to minor aches and pains
    • Includes a Medication Pack - Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, Medi-Lyte, Pepto-Bismol, & Zantac
    • Designed and Assembled in the great state of Colorado, USA

      • 3x Advanced Bleeding Control / Trauma - 1st Aid Kit - (C-A-T Tourniquet & Combat Gauze)
      • 7x Standard Bleeding Control / Trauma - 1st Aid Kit - (C-A-T Tourniquet & NAR S-Rolled Gauze)
      • 5x S-Rolled Gauze
      • 5x 6in ETD
      • 5x H+H Triangle Cravat
      • 5x NuMask CPR Mask
      • 1x SS Tweezers
      • 3x #22 Disposable Scaple
      • 2x SOL Survival Blanket (2 person)
      • 1x Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
      • 5x Green Snaplight Glow Sticks
      • 20x Pairs of Nitrite Gloves
      • 3x Sharpie Permanent Marker
      • 1x EMS Waterproof notepad - Rite in the Rain
      • 5x Eye Wash 4 oz.
      • 5x Green Glow Stick - Snaplight
      • 10x Iodine wipes (10 per pk)
      • 10x Triple Antibiotic Ointment (10 per pk)
      • 10x 3M Steri-Strips (6 per pk)
      • 20x Nexcare Waterproof Bandages - Knee/Elbow (4 per pk)
      • 20x Nexcare Waterproof Bandages - One Size (10 per pk)


      • 60x Advil (2 per pk)
      • 60x Tylenol (2 per pk)
      • 60x Benadryl (2 per pk)
      • 60x Medi-Lyte (2 per pk)
      • 24x Pepto-Bismol (6 per pk)
      • 60x Zantac (1 per pk)

Need Custom-Made Kits?

Tailored kits are commonly needed for schools, offices, industrial business, military, LEO, first responders, and private security teams; let us ensure your team of professionals are prepared for the situation at hand.