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School Nurse - 1st Aid Kit

      • Schools deal with a wide variety of 1st Aid concerns. From the daily minor cuts, headaches, upset stomachs, etc., to the most serious trauma, we grant you the security and the peace of mind that you can address it all.

        • Ideal as the main school 1st Aid Kit
        • Can treat a variety of injuries from life-threatening to minor aches and pains
        • Includes a Medication Pack - Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, Medi-Lyte, Pepto-Bismol, & Zantac
        • Designed and Assembled in the great state of Colorado, USA
      • INCLUDES

          • 3x Advanced Bleeding Control / Trauma - 1st Aid Kit (C-A-T Tourniquet & Combat Gauze)
          • 7x Standard Bleeding Control / Trauma - 1st Aid Kit (C-A-T Tourniquet & NAR S-Rolled Gauze)
          • 5x S-Rolled Gauze
          • 5x 6in ETD
          • 5x H+H Triangle Cravat
          • 5x NuMask CPR Mask
          • 1x Tweezers
          • 3x Disposable Scalpel
          • 2x SOL Survival Blanket (2 person)
          • 1x Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
          • 5x Green Snaplight Glow Sticks
          • 20x Pairs of Nitrite Gloves
          • 3x Sharpie Permanent Marker
          • 1x EMS Waterproof notepad - Rite in the Rain
          • 5x Eye Wash 4 oz.
          • 5x Green Glow Stick - Snaplight
          • 10x Iodine wipes (10 per pk)
          • 10x Triple Antibiotic Ointment (10 per pk)
          • 10x 3M Steri-Strips (6 per pk)
          • 20x Nexcare Waterproof Bandages - Knee/Elbow (4 per pk)
          • 20x Nexcare Waterproof Bandages - One Size (10 per pk)


          • 60x Advil (2 per pk)
          • 60x Tylenol (2 per pk)
          • 60x Benadryl (2 per pk)
          • 60x Medi-Lyte (2 per pk)
          • 24x Pepto-Bismol (6 per pk)
          • 60x Zantac (1 per pk)

Need custom-made kits?

Tailored kits are commonly needed for schools, offices, industrial business, military, LEO, first responders, and private security teams; let us ensure your team of professionals are prepared for the situation at hand.